The Oyster King experience
The Oyster King experience

Shucking fresh oysters in the Hemel-en-Aarde wine valley and delighting guests at the J&B Met

The Oyster Kings had a very busy weekend shucking fresh oysters for guests at 2 prestigious events – on Friday in the stunning Hemel-en-Aarde Valley and on Saturday at the J&B Met.

The Hemel-en-Aarde valley showcased their celebrated wines at a gathering of Pinot Noir enthusiasts this weekend. On Friday night the newly renovated Bona Dea Estate played host to guests for a tasting of the valley’s Pinot Noirs and the Oyster Kings provided freshly shucked oysters and fabulous entertainment. A superb evening of world class wine and fresh oysters made for an excellent start to the weekend long festivities.

The Oyster King experience

The Oyster King experience at Bona Dea Estate.

The celebrity-studded J&B Met followed on the Saturday with guests invited to mix it up a bit with the #MadeForTheMix theme. Horse power and haute couture shared the stage on the day and the Oyster Kings with their freshly shucked oysters were on hand to delight guests and entertain.

3 Kings

The 3 Kings at the 2015 J&B Met

The Oyster Kings spent a busy day shucking fresh oysters for partying guests, and The Met saw the end of a very busy first month of 2015 for the Oyster King and his Royal sisters!

Watch this space for all the exciting events coming up in February – as always, we love to keep you entertained!
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